I wish I knew then..


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This post is not as serious as the title suggests, LOL

Recently I was looking though some pictures of me carrying my now 6 month old daughter. Being my first pregnancy, I had no idea how my life would change. Make no mistake, I stepped into motherhood armed to the teeth with books on parenting, books on babies, blogs, antenatal teaching, mountains of advice from all corners: good, bad, judgey-parents, pessimists, useful, truthful, helpful, useless, Christian, prophetic- psycho-babble…. the list goes on and on and then a little longer.

Despite all of that, I.Was.Not.Ready Continue reading


Good relationships don’t just happen


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good relationships

Ok, so this is a considerable digression from my usual blogging; but you can never rely on this inspiration of mine. Next year I am getting married – how I wish I had cultured some lessons earlier on in my life. I do know for sure that success and happiness in a relationship/marriage takes much more than romantic love. Romantic love alone cannot sustain a relationship – it lacks the fundamentals to do so. I have learned that it is more about a series of deliberate efforts that will put your relationship in a healthy place. Continue reading

Watch Your Step


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It’s October in just over a week. I cannot believe we are already approaching the last quarter of 2015, not to mention that my last update was in February. It felt like just yesterday until my boss randomly asked me when I last updated my blog and my only reaction was a sheepish grin…. Shame, shame, shame is what comes to mind. LOL. Continue reading

“I Do” Inspiration


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Lately I have been imagining what my wedding will be like. I catch myself picturing the future in elaborate colour and grinning shamelessly at the possibilities. I know exactly what I want that day to be like; I have fantasized about it for the longest time. The flowers. The music. The dress.

If you are planning a wedding, need wedding tips or advice or anything wedding related I strongly recommend you visit Aisle Perfect. This blog really is bridal wonderland. It would be an injustice not to share; honestly, I feel like I have died and gone to bridal heaven. Perhaps when I’m ready to say “I Do”, one of these will be my fairy-tale dresses. They are such stunning creations and so impossible to choose from…





Mori Lee Fall 2013_12







Style Inspiration: African Print


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In my line of work; to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry; it’s important to keep updated with the latest fashion and trends. This involves a lot of internet research, fashion shows, magazines, blogs and E! Online, LOL.

During my usual web surfing recently; I came across some collections of African print. The trend is a few seasons old I know, but hands down one of the most prominent and prevalent on the global fashion scene. I am fascinated at the rate at which the industry has fully embraced the use of this fabric and it seems there is an insatiable taste for the flamboyant textile.

The material is primarily associated with Africa because of the tribal-like patterns and motifs with the most popular being Ankara and Kente. Ankara print consists of curves and drawings encouraged by nature, whereas Kente print is identified by its dazzling, repetitive patterns of bright colours, geometric shapes and bold designs. The trend stretches across so many fashion items – handbags, jewellery, shoes, dresses etc. I am inspired!


African Print1


African Print


ankara neck piecesaccessoriesbyafricanprints1


Birthday things :-)


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So this past weekend I attended a friends surprise birthday party. It was such a beautiful day and we all had fun. She looked amazing and I was truly blessed to see her so happy. God has decorated the inside of this woman, He put beauty inside of her. This day alone was a true reflection of how important it is to build strong friendships. Tina, darling, you are beyond inspiring and I love you to bits ❤

My outfit for the day comprised of new and old favourites. Not only do I love these nude heels, they also happen to be really comfortable, which makes it even more difficult to wear anything else. I must say too that I have a weakness for chiffon; it is one of my absolute favourite fabrics. If I had to wear chiffon every day I would do it with a smile on my face. I love the romantic feel of the fabric. It is so dreamy and feminine…love it!


Dress – Mr Price; Shoes – Kingsmead

2015; make the days count!


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“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before” – Dalai Lama

This is the first post of the New Year, I know I am late but I hope you all have a lovely 2015… Let’s be intentional about it!

Initially this was meant to be a post about my travels over the festive season and maybe throw in a style inspiration or two. I came across the above statement and it challenged me in so many ways. There really is nothing like a new year to inspire a little introspection and reflection. This year will be different. This year shall be devoted to one resolution only – go places I have never been before; metaphorically and literally speaking.

This year is about a deeper level –This year I will let God be God.

This year I will experience love with a fresh perspective; loving like I want to be loved. I will cast away all those emotional wedges which I may have placed in my own path. Build on my current relationships and seek the company of positive and smart people. Spend my time with progressive and overall positive folks who will only contribute more positivity to my life.

This year I will surpass all my past performances and go beyond the expectations in the workplace. Make use of that qualification I obtained last year…whoop!

Learn without ceasing.

Remain conscious of my purpose and where I want to be.

Challenge my brain and enjoy it.

This year I will live. Adventure and all of the cliché phrases centered on this all-important mantra: Seize the day and all that jazz 🙂

Love and adventure…what else do you really need?!


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“He who lives sees much. He who travels sees more” – Unknown

A few weekends ago the Mr. and I attended a friend’s wedding in Eastern Cape. We decided to make an adventure of it and drive down. Whilst that was incredibly tiring; it was definitely worth it. I always say that travelling; especially with someone to share the moments; is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip. We needed it. We took it all in.

Aloe Grove Farm was the perfect setting for this wedding. The planner went above and beyond to pull together such a stunning set up! It was very romantic and not in a cheesy way at all. Totally added to the swoon-worthiness of the wedding!

The bride is such a character and I love how she left us all in stitches when she almost shouted “for richer or wealthier”. The bridesmaids wore cute red skater dresses finished off with a pair of “all stars”, a true reflection of the bride’s personal style. IMG_9722

She wore a custom made fishtail gown with long lace sleeves and blue Manolo Blahniks. Those who have watched Sex and the City will know the exact shoe I am talking about.


Ever since I have known her she has been in love with the color red; so it was no surprise that the color was the most prominent on her big day. The groom looked dashing and had lost a few pounds for the occasion. Seeing them together then and being witness to their journey to the alter was beyond inspiring. Words cannot describe the love and admiration between these two – it definitely showed! It was a day with clear skies, and bright sun – it suited their characters – positive, loving and fun!


I wore a peach chiffon maxi dress with very subtle pleats, cinched at the waist with a slim gold belt. I wore my braids to the side and my jewelry was minimal. I have never really been a big jewelry fan. My other was dressed in classic black and white. He wore a polka dot bow tie which made him look very chic and on trend. I love a man in a tailored suit and on a scale of 1 to sexy, he definitely nailed it ❤

..to the MAX


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I must say; I am more of a winter person however warm, sunny days make me as happy as can be. But (really BIG BUT here), once the temperatures soar to 28 degrees and beyond that is where I draw the line! So weird though; considering up until about 7 years ago, I lived in a small town called Triangle where temperatures in summer were nothing short of scorching. Being outside pretty much felt like taking a nice long walk through a blazing hot furnace!

That being said, one of my favourite go to items for this summer are maxi dresses. As my friends will testify, I am seen in one of these at least 80% of the time. I hate pants in summer, I find them rather uncomfortable.

One of the many reasons I love maxi dresses so much, aside, of course, from how flattering they are, is the fact that they move with your body. Whenever I wear one, I feel like every step I take sets the skirt in motion, creating an illusion that it’s floating around me in the most enchanting and graceful way. 

When it comes to choosing colour and style, I really love bold colour prints. I think they complement my skin tone beautifully. Really appreciate the high waist look, I think that compliments my figure quite gorgeously too.


I must say I have a completely new appreciation for how light and airy these dresses are. On some days it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all! And considering this southern Africa heat at times; wearing nothing at all feels like a pretty good idea!


Lovely and uplifting read 🙂

The Politics Of My Thoughts

I almost cry,
I almost lose my Hope and fall into deep darkness,
I almost find no reason to know this Hope,
I almost find no need to have this Hope,
Almost forget the times in your arms where you tell me its going to be okay, 
I almost lose it,
I almost fall apart,
But You remind me of it all,
You remind me of the fall and the resurrection,
You remind me that even today, in this, You are indeed King,
Your exceptional Love is all I need to know,
The Hope in Your Grace is my lifeline,
The Brilliance in your Brilliance is my comfort,
Your absolute Peace is my Peace, because you gave it to me,
You are exceptional at being You, at being All Powerful,
All Incredible,
Even when my almost becomes a reality and I fall into the depths of my soul,
Your Fullness is…

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